African Trading Beads Necklaces

The minute I saw these African Trade Beads, I honestly could not think about anything else until I bought them (dealing with said bead addiction in therapy). These are called “American Flag Chevrons” and they were made in Venice, Italy in the mid-1800’s and taken to Africa as trading beads.  Very rare. I am just dying to pair them with one of these JCrew get-ups from the spring line. Freaking fabulous.

We have two styles of the necklace available in our store. The first, pictured above, pairs the beads with brass African beads and Swarovski crystal. The second combines them with stunning recycled glass from Africa.

Both have an adjustable clasp, allowing the length to vary from 15 to 30 inches. Available in our Creme de la Mode store.

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1 Response to African Trading Beads Necklaces

  1. amy b.s. says:

    both of these necklaces are amazing! love them!

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