What Do You Want?

Part of my new(ish) job is explaining to people in the “business” world why or how social media, and blogging, can be useful to them. And why it could be a total waste of time. When I go down the “total waste of time” route, it most revolves around those industry blogs that people throw up as a part of their company website. They talk about industry news and their take on the industry and, basically, they lose steam around Month 3 and stop posting altogether. It’s a waste of time and few people will read it. “If you’re going to blog,” I warn the suits, “make sure it’s with an achievable goal in mind.”

Lately, I’ve been stopping by Creme and staring it down, wondering the same thing, if it’s all just a wasteful exercise. In the beginning, when Cones launched the site, it had a purpose (albeit, perhaps an overreaching one) and now she’s abroad and (which I knew would happen since she has the attention-span of a gerbil. I mean that in a loving way, of course) has been MIA from here for quite some time, immersed in her studies and her jewelry enterprise and her singular effort to save the global food crisis. While I sit here, wallowing over far more selfish pursuits- mostly how I’m currently stuck in the bog of being dead-center in my second novel, and lost in how to sell the first one. And wondering if I should join Curves, hmmm… and how long I’ve been sitting on a crushed Dorito…

The truth is, every time I think about diving into turning this into a Food Blog, I think, “It’s already being done. And way better than I could ever do.” My perspective on food and cooking is already captured by Smitten Kitchen and The Kitchen Sink and Lotti + Doof and Sprouted Kitchen. Same with fashion, books, movies etc. Why add one more screaming voice to the fold? I don’t have kids so the Mommy route is out. And I’m pretty sure The Bloggess and Dooce are already using up most of the world’s anti-psychotic medications. So going wackadoo? Taken.

What do you want? You’re sitting there, trying to ignore work for five minutes and your Reader is full. What do you want to see that’s not already here? Is there even anything missing? This original notion, of Creme being a place to review really good blogs- is that what you want? Would you appreciate the work it takes every day to do that? Would you be happy to see us pop up in your list of Things to Read? Or do you want comedy? Or more of the same?

Rest-assured, I’ll be mulling over the Big Questions for the rest of the week. I love the space we created here and I also love my TV site. I just want to be sure I’m not missing something…

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4 Responses to What Do You Want?

  1. kari says:

    I came here initially for the blog reviews & good finds and stayed, frankly, because I love your writing voice. Partly because it reminds me a little of me (what a naughty thing to admit), but mostly because you’re not me — you pick up on things it would never have occurred to me to look for, and present them in a way that makes me both think and laugh, and there’s too little of that going around these days. So I understand the frustration, but I’ll follow you no matter where you go.

  2. There are never enough crazy people in the world. That being said? What do *you* want to write? What would make you happy even if you were the only one who wrote it. Find that thing and make it yours. You have a great voice.

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  4. kari says:

    Jesus, you got a comment from the Bloggess? What more could you want??

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