So I’m “Re-Gifting”. Sue me.

Full disclosure: This post is appearing on my work blog for The Ritz-Carlton Residences, Chicago this afternoon but it’s a good post and I thought you’d benefit from my wisdom. Also, it leaves me more time to actually do my Christmas shopping (on Etsy) during my precious lunch hour. Everybody wins!

There will be no “Bah-humbug-ing” around here when it comes to this time of year. No whining about “commercialism” and “materialism” and all that jazz-ism. I, for one, see absolutely nothing wrong with the gift-giving aspect of the holiday season.

When done right, that is. A lazy gift, purchased purely for the sake of giving a gift (a gift card, a cheap bottle of wine, a knick-knack you pull off your own shelf) is purely wasteful- a waste of your time, your money and, ultimately, any goodwill you might’ve fostered with a more thoughtful, considerate present. The holidays is a wonderful opportunity to present something meaningful to the special people in your life- to really think about who they are, what they would enjoy and what will truly touch them.

I suppose we could’ve gone the usual blog route and presented our own Gift Guide for the 2009 holiday season but, really, why bother when there are so many gorgeous ones already out there. Personally, I’d rather be shopping. Here are three Gift Guides that are getting it right this holiday season.

Financial Times- How To Spend It

Gift Guide: “How To Spend It”

Source: The Financial Times

Why We Love It: Most gift guides stick to the tried-and-true “For Him/Her” layout and while “How to Spend It” allows you to browse that option, you could also check out their luxury offerings through categories such as “Art & Collecting”, “Health & Grooming” etc. Plus, the gifts themselves are high-end, elegant and timeless. As long as you don’t mind mentally converting pounds to dollars.

Etsy- Gift Guide

Gift Guide: “Etsy’s Holiday Guides”


Why We Love It: Because there are people out there who are making truly gorgeous things. Because you can finally, finally be rest-assured that the gift you’re giving is truly “one-of-a-kind.” And because the online bazaar community is sure to handle your holiday requests (special gift-wrapping, handwritten notes, careful packaging) with delicacy and attention. Can you really say that about Plus, Etsy’s in-depth Gift Guide page is detailed enough to make browsing a snap.

New York Magazine- Holiday Gift Guide 2009

Gift Guide: “The Gift List ’09”

SourceNew York Magazine

Why We Love It: New York Magazine‘s guide features some truly clever ideas, including a nifty “100 Under $100” section that’s ideal for stocking stuffers, an area specifically dedicated to charitable giving ideas, and a brilliant “You Ask, We Find” section where polled readers tell New York Magazine what they would like this year and are rewarded with a thoughtful suggestion from the editors. How thoughtful.

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