A Letter to India

*Cones is currently in India for the month and I’ve been meaning to write to her and, yet, only have time during my lunch break to do either a letter or a blog post. Two birds, you have met your doom.

Flickr Photo Credit: Emerald2810

Dear Cones,

Greetings from America! After your years in Okinawa (Sweet Jesus on a Battleship, has it been years since I’ve seen that red hoodie of yours?) and now your time wandering through India as a one-person blonde circus (for the sole reason that you are blonde), I think you’re in for some serious culture shock. Like that time the guy friend of mine from college came back from a week in the bush in Australia and started commenting on how ludicrously bright our TV was (we are no longer friends). But, you know, legitimately.

I could go into the big news (Obama’s sending 30,000 troops into Afghanistan, it’s World AIDs Day and it looks like Google is bleeding) or a diatribe about the weather (it’s supposed to snow on Thursday, our first of the Chicago winter season) and the fact that the heat in my apartment is blowing COLD AIR. But, instead, let’s hit on some points that are important to ME.

1. Alec Baldwin says he’s going to quit 30 Rock in 2012. Judi reports back that she plans to be devastated in 2012.

2. They have made yet ANOTHER movie where a girl goes on a road trip to find her intended and ends up falling in love instead with some random stranger she meets on the way. I will probably still see it in the movie theater.

3. I don’t know if heard this but a few months ago Kanye West made an ass of himself at the MTV Video Awards, all over Beyonce’s Single Ladies video which, I’ll remind you, was inspired by my YouTube sensation. This is not a time-sensitive matter but I thought I should bring it up as it’s been a while since I reminded the Internet that I’m a pop culture genius and not to be trifled with (Alec Baldwin. Sob.)

4. This site is amazing. Dads in Shorts.

Anyway, we miss you around here. I hope you’re doing well and learning all sorts of interesting things about the global food/environment crisis, the kinds of earth-shattering facts that will no doubt horrify me during the McClellan/Texas Reunion in Spokane, Summer 2010 but somehow still not deter me from eating my way through the Pacific Northwest.



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2 Responses to A Letter to India

  1. Amber says:

    Ha! I’m diggin the dads in shorts! Awesome. And P.S. I’ll probably be sitting right behind you munchin on popcorn at that movie … not because I’m a stalker ha ha but because I am such a sucker for the romantic comedy… even though they are ALL the same!

  2. AllMacMan says:

    I bet Vegas wouldn’t touch those odds. Anyways I know just from my kids that just about everyone in school shows up every morning with a hoodie on, some in the summer ( those kids scare me – if you know what I mean )

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