“They Win Halloween”

Halloween makes me cranky.

I’m sorry but it does. Some of my negative feelings toward the Day O’ Candy & Mirth are personal (at the tender age of 12, we moved from New York to Boston on Halloween Day. I think ‘wrenching’ would be an adequate word for my feelings about that particular Halloween) and others- well, the blame belongs to the masses. Basically, anything you find at a store called “The Spirit of Halloween”, plastic masks, “sexy pirate” costumes, the racks and racks of unoriginal, uninspired ideas. Cheap, cheap, cheap. That’s what makes me especially cranky about Halloween. I feel like my mother when I used to complain there wasn’t a Kids Day. “Every day is Kids’ Day,” the patented response. Well, every day is “Unoriginal Day.” Can’t you put in a little effort?

But. BUT. It had never occurred to me before that, just like discounted candy and costumed-walk-of-shame stories, the best of Halloween can be found after-the-fact. Like this.

From Towelroad

From Towleroad

And these- lovingly, achingly handmade by Wood over at Sweet Juniper for her munchinkins. “What a cute owl” doesn’t cut it, indeed. These are incredible. I want Martha Stewart to call her and say, “Props, my dear.” And I hope she records such a call so I can hear Martha Stewart say “Props” before I die.


Any other cute ones you’ve seen? I’m talking cute like “Will restore Judi’s faith in Halloween” cute. Link in the comments if you’ve got one and I’ll add it here. We’ll have ourselves a little Best Of gallery. Or we’ll stick with ogling these three, I’m ok with that too.

Oh, well, ok maybe ONE more. Since you asked so nicely.

Picture 3Joan from MadMen, with a special appearance from Dog Draper.




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