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If you head over to Creme Kitchen, you’ll notice something strange beneath Lindsey’s recent post on delicious Creamy Cajun Chicken. A recipe for Whoopie Pies by someone named Meg…

Let me tell you how the last few emails between myself and “this someone named Meg” have gone:

Email #42

This Meg Person: And finally, I promise promise promise to post my recipe for whoopie pies. I swear.

Me: Ok. I don’t believe you. But fine.

Email #48

Megan Mullally Maybe: Going to do it!

Me: Whatever, Meg! I’ve been burned before!

Email #643

Megan Who: No, really. Today, I’m going to do it. Today. I swear. Today. Going to post it today. Today. I mean it.


Finally, finally, finally, I check out my Reader and ‘lo, we have ourselves a whoopie pie recipe! And MEG did it! I was so shocked, I did a chocolately delicious-double take.

Meg, in case you’re wondering (and oh, I know you are) is an awesome person who currently lives in Baltimore (and hates it with the kind of spastic fury that makes her rants hugely entertaining), working at Johns Hopkins and doing research on brain waves or something and, in her spare time, selling her tasty treats to some very lucky B-More patrons (who, luckily, do not know that she wishes the whole city would be cast out into sea). And those people are very, very lucky because she sent me brownies for my birthday and they were so good that I, in my impoverished state, started imagining scenarios where I could send Meg oodles of money and packaging and stamps so she would send those very brownies ONCE A MONTH for the rest of my life.

Welcome to the table, Meg. Looking forward to your next recipe in the next five years or so. 😉

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