Gourmet to Shut Down, Judi to Weep Over Her Gorgonzola

GourmetMagazineMastheadConde Nast is closing Cookie, Modern Bride and… Gourmet. I’m not exaggerating when I say that I am, at this moment, clutching my October issue of Gourmet to my chest. Ok, I’m exaggerating a LITTLE. I tried clutching it and typing at the same time but this post would’ve taken hours to write.

Remember a few long months ago when they shut down Domino and the entire Interior Design blogging system CRIED OUT IN HORROR? I now know how you feel. And yes, I still have Bon Appetit but I want BOTH, dammit, and NO, they’re not the same. I’m pretty much holding up the magazine industry with my two hands thanks to my twelve subscriptions, YOU WOULD THINK SOMEONE WOULD’VE CALLED ME.

And to think that this Monday was starting out so well…

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