An Embarrassment of Riches


It’s Friday and Chicago did not get the Olympics for 2016 (even the mighty hand of Oprah couldn’t pull it off) but I’m smiling ear-to-ear. I’m so so so happy right now that, if this were a movie, it would be right about now that my beloved husband would be struck by a car and My Life Would Change Forever, cue funeral shot. Is that cynical? Cynical isn’t what I was going for today, apologies.

Today, I had the blessing of extreme kindness from a very, very successful stranger. I got the kind of job hunt development that makes you want to skip down the street (though it’s too soon yet and I’m not jinxing anything, I’ve been down this road before) AND I’m sitting in Size 8 jeans right now. And I’m not even in physical pain from the tightness. Guess which my mother was most excited about by the way? Yeah, the jeans. But I don’t care because I’m wearing the jeans and it’s awesome and flowers are awesome and lilies and candy hearts and everything is BEAUTIFUL and oh, my God I’m Drew Barrymore.

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