We Got Obama*

* Sung in the style of “We Got Annie”

obama-smile_1107663iThe International Olympic Committee is meeting on Oct. 2nd in Copenhagen to decide where the 2016 Olympic Games will be held. It’s down to Tokyo, Chicago, Rio and Madrid and nobody seems to know what the decision will be. First, Michelle was flying solo to put in her two cents and now the President is heading there as well. Everyone seemed to agree that his absence would be detrimental to the decision being made in Chicago’s favor.

Wondering what the weigh-in is like here in Chicago? Back in February, the majority of city-dwellers were pro-Games and now the number’s dropped to about 44%. All of the Michael Phelps-recorded audio messages in the airport, the signs in storefronts boasting that they support the 2016 Games are counter-weighed by the griping you hear whenever the bid is mentioned in casual observation.

And, this is just my experience lately, it seems like every guy I talk to thinks having the games here would be a hassle, would be a money-sucking pest, while the ladies tout things like “once in a lifetime experience.”

One thing’s for sure- come Oct. 2nd, someone’s going to be happy. (But are cynics ever happy? Something to think about on the crisp Fall day…)

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