Dear Major Corporation

Thank you for being so understanding when I told you I need to discontinue your service for a cheaper provider. And thank you, Customer Service Rep named Gina, for not laughing at me outright when I blurted out that I would rather have slower Internet than lose even ONE of my cable channels.

Sorry this didn’t work out but DAMN you are expensive and raising my bill $15 a month is not helping matters. To prove this, I will enclose a video of my left eye that has been nervously twitching since January.




Dear New Service Provider,

Thank you for not laughing at me when you asked me for my password and I told you what it was. I never actually had to say my password out loud before ever and HAD I KNOWN I MIGHT, I would NOT have chosen a character from Lord of the Rings SWEET JESUS.

I could hear the laughter in your voice but I appreciate you not making a comment about it. I’m so relieved that I don’t even care that you turned out to NOT be the person I needed to speak to in the first place (this new relationship isn’t starting out so well, is it?)


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One Response to Dear Major Corporation

  1. Gina says:

    found your page through Coco+Kelley and so glad I did. About your above letter I am a Gina who will be sending a letter to major cable company about possibly changing since they keep on hiking my bill up. Very sneaky!
    Thank you for the lovely visuals. I will have to share the Orient Express post with my mother she loves traveling via train.
    Choo, choo, for now.

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