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I’ve been a little behind on my magazine reading, I’m sorry to say. The August issue of Vogue has sat unopened for a solid month and it’s now SEPTEMBER. This means nothing to you unless, like me, you have about 700 subscriptions (I thought about canceling them when the Money Tree up and died but, honestly, I give myself so little these days, you guys. The magazines and Netflix have replaced restaurants, bars and movies and for that they must stay). So, yes, I’ve got  a Magazine Quota* for myself and falling behind means being taunted by a pile of haughty models, Ruth Reichl, and those cardboard exercise guides in Self.

I finally got to Vogue and read a fantastic piece, an excerpt from Haleh Esfandiari’s memoir on her arrest in Iran. Did it make the cover? No. Which is a shame because it’s such an inspiring, interesting story. I went hunting for it online but, of course, Vogue Online would rather talk about anti-aging creams. Instead, I found Steforious Book-Glorious, a book-centered blog, that basically said EXACTLY what I wanted to say about the piece and, it must be said, in a much more aesthetically appealing fashion. I mean, look at that-

I am just so over-the-moon jealous by what people can do regarding their web spaces and design. Even if the subject wasn’t Books Books Books (Stef, if I can call you Stef, you had me at hello), I would still gobble it all up like a moon pie. Happy reading indeed…

* On the list of things I’ve been drastically over-using this month, finger-quotes and capitalizing things to make them appear like legitimate things are high up there. My sincerest “Apologies.”

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