Gag me with a golden spoon.


Whatever media maven thought it was a good idea to photograph celebrities in all their Emelda-Marcos-glory has some ‘splainin’ to do. Not only does it make me want to vomit, but I usually close whatever magazine I’m reading (I’m lookin’ at you InStyle) swearing to swear off shopping for at least a month.  It does not make me want to buy every product in your magazine so I can be like Paula, Mariah, etc. It makes me glad I don’t have such hideous style combined with the humility of Donald Trump.


And what publicist actually AGREED to such a shoot? Did s/he think it would endear their client to the masses by showing us how they’re “just like us” (except, actually, soooo much better)?  The same publicist who came up with GOOP perhaps?

Nicole Richie's closet

And have you ever noticed that it’s usually the ones with the WORST style who are ready to bare their insides to the world?


But then again, those are the ones on the reality shows, so, no, I guess there is no internal filter.

So, I’ll admit this is an odd segue to a discussion of the particularly rad offerings of two of the worst wardrobe offenders.


But I’m gonna hand it to the midget moguls – they’re pretty good designers.  I’ve never really liked their personal style. It seemed like two dolls playing a bad game of dress up in their stoned babysitter’s duds.  But for some reason, their lines The Row and Elizabeth & James are just really kinda fantastic.  They’re the antithesis of all the Pucci prints and animal skins so prevalent in those nauseating aforementioned wardrobes.

Of course, the price tags are way beyond my pay grade (but then again, sadly, so is Banana Republic these days). But there is something to be said for buying a really quality basic piece that you will love forever, never throw in with the rest of the wash, and wear till it disintegrates off your body. I have about 12 millon white tank tops in my closet that cost $10 each and they ruin within a few months each and frankly, look as cheap as they are.  Would a $250 ultra soft woven cotton tank top be worth it’s salt?


Maybe, maybe not.  I like the idea of it though – buying one of the highest quality instead of a bunch of crap – it makes me feel like a grown-up.



Elizabeth & James Shoes.

I have this vision in my head of a very minimal, dare I say curated (Decorno would kill me) closet.  Simple, everything fits to a tee. It’s like a cool drink of water in a Singapore Sling world.

Top photos from NYTimes.

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