Getting past the weight loss BS

Just to mess with your head a little bit more, Judi, I bring you the latest copy of TIME magazine:


I can’t decide if I want to light my issue on fire or pin it to my Refrigerator. The article in a nutshell is this: Exercise is not going to help you lose weight unless you a pulling down Michael-Phelps-style workouts.  What happens is when we do actually get our buns to the gym and manage to complete a 60 minute workout, we mentally overestimate the calories we’ve burned and end up hungrier and eating WAY MORE than we burned. The point?  If you want to lose weight, stop eating like a pair of conjoined twins training for a sumo match. You’d be better off sitting on the couch with half a donut than working out and eating a donut and a half.

I’ll admit it, I know it’s true. I have a couple of case studies to prove my point. Summer ’95, I subsisted on a morning Frappucino and a bowl of Matzo Ball Soup from Jerry’s Deli at night – not a vitamin or nutrient for three whole months, and a fair amount of sugar and fat, and I was skinny as a rail. Case study #2: Freshman year I worked in an ice cream store and was too broke to buy food.  I ate a cup of ice cream for lunch and a cup of ice cream for dinner pretty much every day. And I was a size 4. Now, keep in mind, I was a pretty fat kid, like 5’3″, 150 lbs in 8th grade – I am not a naturally skinny girl. But once I slimmed down and ate just a lot less food (albeit, total crap) I lost weight!  Now I’m not recommending eating like that for an extended period – a girl needs her vitamin A’s, B’s & C’s. Just realize that portions are important.  Our notion of meal size is totally out of whack.

I read somewhere that the set designers of our beloved Mad Men get reemed out by their obsessive compulsive producer because it’s impossible to find a danish or even a piece of fruit that is the size of what it would be in the 60s – everything now is supersized!  So we’re all walking around eating double what we should be, just because The Cheesecake Factory decided that we wanted 10 lbs of chinese chicken salad at one sitting instead of a reasonable portion. I listened to an interview of Julia Child the other day and she was saying that back then, no one was afraid of cream.  And yet people were much thinner then – there was no such thing as non-fat food!

Bottom line.  Don’t get freaked out by food.  Don’t spent $100 a week. Buy healthy food, yes, but don’t buy stuff you hate to eat. JUST EAT HALF or two-thirds of what you normally eat and you’ll shed lbs like no ones business.

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