The tastes of the world

Living abroad can add so much to your life. The new culture seeps into your pores, and soon you are wondering how you ever made it through a summer afternoon without a vending machine at every corner dispensing coconut-lime soda and the like. We call them “zesty beverage machines”. They are everywhere.

vending machine 2vending machine 5vending machine 1

The funny thing about that last one (other than the confused looking skunk), is that it takes up a sizable portion of beach front property. That skunk would be forking over close to $1 million back in Los Angeles to set up shop on the beach.

So, the Japanese vending machines are great, but there’s other things that you start to really feel are missing.  Like a decent wine bar, with a nice assortment of French cheeses. Tapas. Fish tacos. Bread. Brreeeeaaad. I miss a good pain au chocolate and a nice loaf of french oh so very much.

I delighted then, to find the virtual storefront of Poilane Boulangerie.

It’s pixelated heaven, and I’m sure they’re brick and mortar shoppes are just as delightful. And they ship practically everywhere in the world!


While I find it a bit difficult to justify paying $75 shipping for them to send me a loaf of sourdough, for now I will have to content myself with the Poilane Sodoku Game. Seriously.


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