A nasty case of the island fever

I’m just going to go ahead and be a brat for a minute.  I need to get off this damn island.  Seriously.  My world looks like this:



but wait, there’s more …


And then of course …


Forgive me because two years ago, whimpering at the incessant beeping of ‘PC Load Letter’ and sad cups of cubicle coffee, I would have given my left ear to move to a tropical island, with nothing to do all day but scuba dive and eat sushi.  It’s just that those privileges required me to set up house on an island 1000 miles from a continent.

And now I am going insane.

Please refrain from hating me in the comment section -I know I’m an ingrate.

If I could teleport myself anywhere in the world, I’d be in a my fire engine red Carmengia (which are oddly very popular here in Japan), cruising up the 101 to wine country.

road trip pictures

The open road.  My continental friends, this American privilege is not to be mocked. I beg of you. Close your laptop, get in your car, and GO.

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2 Responses to A nasty case of the island fever

  1. aviva says:

    yes. someone definitely needs to pack a weekend bag and head to the Space A terminal to see where the day takes her.

  2. amisha says:

    I have to comment that i love this blog so much. I follow many blogs but this is the first one which makes me feel connected and really happy to read. Your writing is great so please keep it up!

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