Looking For Readers

Hello my precious little angels!

So, I need some help here. My first novel The Secret Ones is done and I’m hard at work on the second. But I can use a fifth and sixth and seventh opinion on the first book. It’s already gotten RAVE reviews from my parents and my two best friends, if that’s any incentive (Sigh. I know that it’s not.)


This week, I’m gearing up to submit the book to agents and publishing houses which, may I just say, is by and large the most terrifying thing I’ve ever had to do in my LIFE. My left eye won’t stop twitching and this should not be happening since a week ago, I was lying on the beach with a pina colada in my hand, pondering if I should just move to the Jersey Shore together, dye my hair black, invest in gold jewelery and change my name to Gloria. It’s only been four days and I need to go on another vacation.


Having said that, I could use your help finding readers. If you or someone you know would be interested in reading and then having an email/phone call discussion with me about the book, please email me at jacutroneATgmail.com and we’ll discuss getting you a copy. Not sure if it’ll be your cup of tea? Here’s the synopsis I’m about to send to a number of people who reject writers like me for a living. ENJOY. I’ll be over here, holding my eye.

The Secret Ones

“All those who seek this place as home will be asked to stay…

Sheila Monroe has just done the unthinkable.

After a decade of living in hiding from her abusive ex-husband and with nowhere else to turn, she takes her twelve-year-old son Sean to the famed Timmerman Adventureland Park on a school field trip … and leaves him there.

She has risked everything to protect him. Now, she’ll take what she believes to be her final chance to lure her dangerous past away from her child, and discover once and for all what his father has really been after all these years. As she dives deeper and deeper into his former life, she begins to unravel a plot far larger and more insidious than she could ever have imagined, a story that leads her all the way back to the one place where she’d believed her son would be safe at last.

The Secret Ones invites you, one and all, to visit this truly remarkable place, where wonder, danger and mystery lurk unseen.  Where a group of unwanted children will discover a home. Where the future will collide with the past and a mother’s love will strive to prevail.

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2 Responses to Looking For Readers

  1. My eye twitches when I’m stressed too!! When I was deciding on my wedding dress, my eye literally twitched so much it would wake me up at night. Large quantities of advil helped quell it a bit. 🙂 I just sent you an email.

  2. Cones says:

    um YEAH, I’ve been waiting for this? When do I get my copy?

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