In celebration of Mad Men soon premiering its third, long-awaited season on AMC on August 16th, I give you three precious gifts.

1. Mad Men: Season 2 on DVD, made available to us, the adoring public on July 14th.


2. Mad Men Yourself. I did. Aren’t I precious? I’m not sure if I’d trade my civil equality for the chance to be considered hot as a size 14 but I’d be lying if I  said I wasn’t seriously considering it.


3. The perfect tribute dress.

Rivulet Dress in Storm- $59.99 from Mod Cloth

Rivulet Dress in Storm- $59.99 from ModCloth

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2 Responses to Sheer MADNESS

  1. Mandy says:

    Hey Judi! Thank you so much for posting our dress on your blog! It is definitely something Christina Hendricks would wear on the show! 🙂

    ❤ Mandy

  2. mk says:

    ha! I just mad men’d myself and my boyfriend – they are so funny – thanks for the recommendation!

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