My new love.

cones_smallHubby hit it out of the park with this year’s birthday present. We are Mac people, but we were falling behind the curve, as my friends have pointed out.  Even their kid is more tech savvy than we. The pressure was building.

Enter my new best friend. AppleTV.


This thing is amazing.  Some perspective is in order. Let me take you back to Y2K.  Do you remember when downloading from Napster took 5 minutes per song (only to realize that you were in fact only downloading some Madonna warning to stop stealing her f#@%ing music)?  WELL.  These movies download in a matter of seconds.  AND you can rent movies for a mere $3.99 WHICH considering that I have been sitting on my Netflix for a couple months now really seems like a deal.  But the best for me, living on a rock in the middle of the Pacific, is that I can download my favorite TV shows and watch them in Bravo-style, 20-hour straight, binge and purge inducing marathons. So the first weekend, I invited Padma, Tom & Gail over for some amuse bouches and saucily seasoned fun.

Heidi, you’ve got nothing on these three.  Once I was stuffed to the brim, I perused the iTunes store to see what else I had missed since leaving the states.  



Ah, the serial killer with a conscience.  Moral relativism at its most entertaining. This is one of the last shows I thought I’d have in my queue, (besides the Wire) but hubs and I are totally hooked. And the good news is next season, I don’t have to wait for the DVDs to come out.  I can download as they happen.

Finally, Mad Men.


I will admit that it took me about 6 or so episodes to get through the blatant sexism that they whack you over the head with scene after scene after scene.  In retrospect, I think it had something to do with the fact that I watched the first 8 episodes straight in a row. But, ohhh, my perseverance paid off. This show goes deep, deep down into the recesses of our gendered brains. It’s well written and even better acted. I highly, highly recommend. 

Glad to know that you all are keeping it real with some excellent shows since I’ve been gone.  Well done.

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One Response to My new love.

  1. aviva says:

    Mia is probably more tech savvy than I am. And don’t underestimate our fiberoptic cable connection that’s a good 10x faster than a cable connection or T1 in the states (hence a 3 second download time) – but either way – great stuff. Next to come on your Apple TV (I hope, for your sake) – True Blood, Californication (A must-see for you, Creme), Tudors, Entourage, and the next season of Mad Men – starting in a few weeks!

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