National Judi Day

One day you wake up and you realize that somewhere along your crooked path to stardom (or obsolescence , as the case may be) you met a friend of which you were totally unworthy,  

and one day you will read her stuff and you’ll be like,

“oh my god, this chick is like totally brilliant”


“why in the world is she friends with me? (and in my case, why would she want to share a blog with me?)”

and you’ll be like

“um, I knew her when…”

and they’ll be like


and you’ll be like

“um WAY BACK WHEN…before the ears….”

and one day you’ll say that your words shared DIGITAL REAL ESTATE with HERS and you will feel like your writing was not in vain

and she might look something like this:


and you’ll forgive the ears because you’ll be like

“It’s totally Judi…and if Judi wears ears then I will wear ears”

and then you’ll don the ears.


And then you will laugh.

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3 Responses to National Judi Day

  1. Davis says:

    looking good even without the ears

  2. Judi says:

    Is it my BIRTHDAY or something? Whatever, I’ll totally take it.

  3. thecreme says:

    Ok, I don’t quite remember actually writing or posting that….but clearly my drunken subconscious thinks very highly of you!

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