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Things that have been making me happy lately…

Design is Mine‘s “Ten Images of Inspiration”

From "A Night at the Carnival"

From "A Night at the Carnival"

From "Farm Life"

From "Farm Life"

From "I Want to Ride My Bicycle"

From "I Want to Ride My Bicycle"

I love the way Summer has set up her site here- it brings joy to my own acutely organized heart (Flickr Friday, Etsy Finds of the Week, Thought of the Day, Interior Inspirations, etc) but it’s her images of inspiration that are by far my favorite. Click here to see all the past images of inspiration.

Belgian Waffle’s recount of the dinner party from hell


Nowadays, people tiptoe around encounters with their friends, people they know and see on a regular basis, saving only the happy, sweet stories for their web space. So it’s kind of a hilarious relief to find someone willing to be so honest about the people who drive her crazy. It makes me long for the good old days of Dooce.

I spent most of Sunday in transit. I walked around a total of four miles, both in the morning and afternoon, about an hour or two running frantically over a turf field in ill-fitting shorts, and a solid two hours on the city bus. By that last hour on the bus, I was so tired I could barely see straight but reading this post made me almost (almost) regret that my stop was coming up and I was almost home.

Sprouted Kitchen


This new food-photography blog makes me wonder, “What the hell am I doing with my own food blog?” Creme Kitchen contributor Lindsey forwarded the link to me and I’m so glad she did. This is one of those instances where I eschew checking out the latest entries on my Reader and go straight to the site. It’s clean, the layout of the site is gorgeous, the pictures are spectacular and, other than making me feel completely inadequate as a food blogger, I leave wanting to immediately pick up a spatula and COOK (which is kind of the point, right?). And steal ALL of their photos (which I won’t. I promise. Ok, I’ll try not to.)

*One thing that has NOT made me happy (Note: stop here if you don’t like soap boxes. I just need to get this out.)

There had to be some kind of rude awakening when it came to the overwhelming lovefest for President Obama and I’m saddened to see that it’s evidently come at the expense of the gay community, a community that threw a hell of a lot of support the president’s way during the campaign and is now seeing the kind of backwards thinking and policy-making that we were all more likely expecting from a Republican leader, not The Man Who Was To Save Us All. Though I am not a gay woman, I, like many others, have believed for a long time that this goes beyond what people call “gay rights” and hat these problems belong to all of us. Because these are civil rights issues, pure and simple. And the things I’ve seen in the news lately just reinforce that we have a long way to go before everyone in this country is truly considered equal. And it’s very, very disheartening to realize that we have to first convince our president of that fact.

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