A Slight Monday Rant


We’re all about the new Pixar movie Up today at Creme Headquarters and I think it’s especially delicious that both Cones and myself managed to see it in opposite corners of the globe.


As usual when I leave a Pixar movie, I wiped a stray tear out of the corner of my eye and my mind went into its usual ranting place. See, this is what happens when you actually take the time to develop a story.


Why is it only animated movies treat their characters with such depth and care? Why is Pixar the only movie maker who seems to realize that looks aren’t everything, that the story and characters actually matter? That they actually enrich the movie-going experience? That we WILL pay $13 to see something like that and in 3D no less.


And yes, I realize it takes about a decade for Pixar to make a movie like Wall-E. But maybe we should see what would happen if we took a little more time before we dump millions of dollars into a movie that was thoughtless and carelessly made, that nobody wants to see. If it’s as emotional and affecting as Wall-E and the newcomer Up, such a venture would be totally worth it.

Rant over. Please proceed with your Monday.

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