Why Do We Love What We Love

in_america_ver2I haven’t talked about movies in a while here and, for some reason, In America, one of my top ten favorites, has been haunting me lately and I don’t really know why.

The story of an Irish family who moves to Hell’s Kitchen in the early ’80s, In America is a semi-autobiographical story from director Jim Sheridan and there’s something about it that just makes me ache for home, for family and New York. Make no mistake, despite the pitch-perfect charm of stars Paddy Considine (The Bourne Ultimatum) and Samantha Morton (Sweet and Lowdown), the sheer adorable factor of the moppet daughters, and a half-naked Djimon Hounsou, this one will claw at you until you’re raw and weeping, which may be why no other film seems to capture the grit and seething promise of New York in such a perfect way.

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