Livin’ On the Edge


I have something in the oven and I haven’t set a timer.

I know. Wild child.

The thing is that when I hit my twenties, I suddenly stopped being capable of doing Important Things like “turn off the oven when I’ve stopped using it.” And “remove pan and leave burner going full throttle.” Which was all fine when I had a roommate following me at close range, switching off burners ala George Michael, but now that I live alone, I’ve had to resort to sticking post-its on the oven that read “TURN ME OFF” And “FIRE!!!” and “Post-Its are Paper and Paper Burns- What is wrong with you?”

And what’s sitting so precariously in the oven? I’m so glad you asked.

Find out at Creme Kitchen. I’ll give you a hint- it’s probably the only time you’ll think of Ellie Krieger and Eric Estrada at the same time.

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