Who Needs a Special Week?


Pg 78- If you had to be represented by an object in your home, what would you choose?

Answer: I find this question confusing. What do you mean by “represented”? Have I committed a crime against objects and something in my house is going to represent me in a court of law? Or are we talking SYMBOLICALLY, Mr. Random Book From Urban Outfitters?

If we’re going with metaphors, I’d have to say my stuffed hamburger.


I would like to go on record by saying that Pez dispenser is the only Hello Kitty item I own. Just to clarify.

Why? So soft, so hilarious and random in its creation. It evokes the memory of delicious things. Like, you know, hamburgers. Plus I found it at a Goodwill in LA and I’m pretty cheap too.

As for legal representation, I might have to go with the snowman there. I have a feeling he’s got my back.

This post has been so cracked out, I’m way pleased. With any luck, it’ll have its desired effect on Cones and she’ll post something respectable IMMEDIATELY. It’s been way too long, kittens. Finals shminals.

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One Response to Who Needs a Special Week?

  1. aviva says:

    I’m gonna go on record as saying that looks more like a Miffy pez dispenser than Hello Kitty.

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