It’s Absolutely Necessary, I Promise


The problem with being unemployed (aside from the fact that you’re unemployed) is the constant need to justify things to yourself.

A song on iTunes, a long-planned trip to St. Croix with your girlfriends, a dinner out with friends- suddenly, everything has a weight to it, a question, doubts. When you work, when you get a paycheck, it’s easy. “I earned this.” When you take money from someone else, even the government, it’s a different story.

I need new clothes. I just do. I’m sort of tired of rationalizing it so you’re just going to have to take my word for it (she said to her own brain).

I, of course, need to think “practical.” So, while I’d like to take a little trip to Ralph Lauren, this is going to be more of a Target- The Gap- Macy’s adventure. The key is staples, mix and match, and the magic of the sales rack.

Still, a little inspiration never hurt anyone. Right?


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One Response to It’s Absolutely Necessary, I Promise

  1. Karen says:

    I love that first look! So cute, if you can pull of wearing yellow (which sadly, I cannot)…

    Oh, and sometimes us employed folk have to rationalize every trip out of the house too! It’s the recession factor. A big BOO to being broke, but thank goodness for virtual shopping!

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