Ready or Not


My brother is arriving shortly for a Chicago weekend that I am PRAYING doesn’t involve me cursing at the gray sky. It has seriously rained for almost a week straight and it’s tough to say who had more stray hair on the floor when I cleaned the apartment this afternoon, me or the dog.

Lee and I grew up together, less than two years apart, and as we get older I sometimes forget that we’re not actual twins, that we didn’t share the same womb. It is not uncommon for us to fall into a common speak when together and it’s just vague enough that my father will invariably shake his head and mutter that he has no idea what we’re talking about (probably just quoting Ninja Turtles, Dad. Don’t worry about it).

I do feel like I have to make up for some things though. A good Chicago weekend will possibly make up for my claiming all the good toys, my deciding what we’re playing next, my declaring that we are now over our Nintendo phase and should move into our Sega-Sonic the Hedgehog phase. Not sure Portillos and the movies and Harry Potter exhibit at the Museum of Science and Industry will make up for dressing him up like a girl and forcing him to answer the phone in an old lady voice though. Or make up for the fact that I just wrote that on the Interweb.

Have a great weekend! And if you’re in the Midwest, please join me in a prayer that the sun will make an appearance, FOR THE LOVE OF GOD.

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