These Are the Things I Think About

"Tulips Coming Soon" by Red-Star

"Tulips Coming Soon" by Red-Star

I kind of want to write thank you notes to the people in my neighborhood who planted tulips this year. And peonies and roses and buttercups.

"Spring" by Dragan

"Spring" by Dragan

Because, really, when I’m out walking my dog in the rain, trying not to panic at the thought of the future, day after day after day, wondering if its going to rain FOREVER, seeing the bright flashes of color keep me from wandering into the street and into oncoming traffic.

"Magnolia Flowers" by Whoops Vision

"Magnolia Flowers" by Whoops Vision

If you took the trouble to make the treks back and forth to Home Depot, dig into the dirt and sweat and break your back, all to decorate your front lawn with spring WONDERMENT, would you appreciate a thank you note from a slightly demented, well-intentioned stranger with too much time on her hands?

"Rose Cottage" by UGArdner

"Rose Cottage" by UGArdner

I debated this the whole way home and still don’t have an answer. I’m not sure I want to be that quirky. Do you think Drew Barrymore has conversations with herself like this? I think she does.

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4 Responses to These Are the Things I Think About

  1. These pics are great. Happy Spring.

  2. Drew Barrymore says:

    I totally have conversations like that with myself! And I would definitely send the note, Judi, I think it’s a lovely thing to do.

  3. Karen says:

    Hah! It’s hard to follow up Drew Barrymore’s comment, but I agree that you should totally do send the notes. You don’t even have to say who it’s from, if you’re worried about getting a quirky rep! It’s like a Random Act of Kindness.

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