Good Questions All

Just Part 1, Apparently

Just Part 1, Apparently

Dad: So, what do you do now?

Me: Wait for feedback, I think. That’s all I can do right now.

Dad: What do you do if the feedback is good? How do you send it to publishers?

Me: I don’t know. I think I send it to agents first, right?

Dad: I don’t know. Do they need a hard or a soft copy?

Me: I don’t-

Dad: And do you have a copyright on it? What if you send it to some sleazy publisher and they steal it?

Me: That’s a good-

Dad: How do you protect it?

Me (sighing): I don’t know.

Dad: You should find out.

Me: Yeah, I’ll find out.

So, apparently I still have A LOT OF WORK TO DO. Did John Mayer ever write a song about fathers and daughters? Maybe he did and he didn’t get a copyright for it and someone stole it. Should’ve listened to your old man, Mayer.

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