This Little Thing?

ollie_small1You’re sitting on the edge of your bed, contemplating how it can be possible that your closet has swallowed all of your cute outfits and regurgitated nothing but Blah in their place.

Just as you’re about to tear the curtains off the windows and pull a Holy Scarlett Maria, there’s a pounding at your front door. You rush to open it and in swoops Karl.


Yes, that Karl.

He looks down his nose at you and says, “Old Navy? Really? Please tell me you are actually in the navy.” Before you can apologize and rip the red hoodie off your back to throw it in the fireplace, he is sweeping through the living room and snapping his fingers. A quintet of lovely models swan in, each wearing It The Perfect Look For You. As you start to blubber with relief, Karl holds out a bedazzled gloved hand and reminds you that tears are the salty discharge of the fashionless.

5 Looks


1. Strolls, Shopping, Casual Fridays, Sunday Mornings


2. Parties, International Espionage, Revenge

picture-213. Work, Dinner in St. Tropez, Interviews with Vogue

picture-414. Travel, Brunch, Church, Everywhere

natalie5. Cocktails, Night Wedding, Breakfast at Tiffany’s

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3 Responses to This Little Thing?

  1. blair says:

    Oh, what a fun and fabulous post! I love that Carolina Herrera dress and you are so right that the DVF number would be perfect for an interview with Vogue:)

  2. kari says:

    That travel/brunch/church/everywhere number has my name on it. (PS: I will soon be changing my name to FABULOUS.)

  3. Karen says:

    “Tears are the salty discharge of the fashionless” — hilarious! Good choices, particularly the red dress.

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