cones_small2[Note to readers and co-blogger Ollie Linkletter: I apologize for my tardiness on the Top Five Week, I have been detained these past 48 hours…. I can’t really discuss the details – but the operation went well, and Captain Phillips is happy to be alive and nursing a Salty Dog.  Shiver me timbers, so am I.]

So let’s get this party started…..

“Top 5 Places I’d Build a Dream House”

You know, I’m going through this phase where I have no desire to set down roots.  I don’t want to bother with the contractors and the building codes, and the upside-down mortgage.  I just want to explore – smell the varying fragrant skies that dot this beautiful globe.  So I’d alter it slightly…. 5 top places I’d like to rest my back-pack/Louis Vuitton trunk.

5. An African Safari Bungalow.


The more varied the menagerie, the better.


4. A room in Paris with the view of a lifetime. (this is where I swap the hemp sack for the LV trunk)


and in the alternative, a quaint street view atop Il San Louis


3. Thousand Islands, NY

I’d take a castle…


or a simple New England style house.  As long as it comes with my very own island.


2. Morocco. I have an itch like you CANNOT believe to tickle my senses in this Mediterranean country.  Till then I’ll have to live vicariously through Maryam. (and keep stealing her pictures for my vision board.


1. A lovely little island in the East China Sea where I presently lay my head at night. Next to the LOML.  Happiness is where the home (temporarily) is.


Yep, that’s my hood. Photo from the talented Aviva.

Wow, this post gave me something to really look forward too, thanks Ollie!

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2 Responses to Catching-up

  1. oooh, you must come to Marrakech:)

  2. aviva says:

    You know… there’s a pretty good case for our hood compared to say…. Morocco. I have canoed with my dad through 1000 Islands, it’s stunning. Wow that was a lifetime ago. Thanks for the daydream fodder!

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