Oh, To Be A Fly on the Wall

5 Moments You Would Witness in History (20th Century Edition)

Situation: You’re sitting at your desk, glumly typing up another TPS report when suddenly a guy who looks a lot like John Krasinki pops up next to your desk. You’re about to ask Jim what he’s doing there and where’s Pam when he whispers to you that he’s a time-traveler and you need to come with him. Now. You practically fall out of your chair getting your shoes on.

These are the five moments in the 20th century that John Krasinski and I traveled back in time to witness (in no particular order). We held hands for most of them. (Ok, all of them). We made out a little during No. 5.

1. July 20, 1969- Watching Armstrong walk on the moon in the NASA control room


Why: Because there’s nothing better than a resounding nerd-cheer.

2. August 1920- The 19th amendment is ratified

m197501122134Why: Because my favorite character in “Mary Poppins” was always that loopy, suffragette mom. And because the passing of this amendment was a real nail-biter. It became part of the constitution after it was ratified in Tennessee (state no. 36) by ONE VOTE.

3. December 15, 1939- The premiere of “Gone With the Wind”

gable171Why: 3 days of non-stop Southern partying with old movie stars? I am so there.

4. February 9, 1963- The Beatles perform live on The Ed Sullivan Show

c1Why: Do I really need to explain? I’d be a screaming, sobbing mess like the rest of them.

5. 1933- World’s Fair in Chicago

worldvp1183chicago-world-s-fair-1933-postersWhy: Who doesn’t love a good fair? And this one was a MONSTER, arguably one of the most important cultural events for my adopted city, after the 1893 World’s Fair. 

Wild Card: July 17, 1955- The Opening of Disneyland


Why: Say what you want about the world-dominating Disney empire. For me, it has always boiled down to the look on a kid’s face when they walk through the gates for the first time and see their imagination come wildly to life. On this day, it wasn’t just the kids who saw the magic.

What do you wish you could’ve seen with your own eyes? I’m sure I’ve missed some doozies.

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One Response to Oh, To Be A Fly on the Wall

  1. Karen says:

    Fun! Your answers seem like pretty good ones. And a good time-traveller to accompany you 🙂

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