A Week of “If”


I’m a sucker for a good hypothetical question and I don’t think I need to tell you how much I love making lists. Ok, I’ll tell you- the other day I caught myself making a list of all the lists I have to make.

What this means is, well, either I need to start taking some little white pills with my morning coffee or I need to EMBRACE the insanity. And I have a blog so I think it’s obvious where this is going.

This week, I’ll be presenting a new list of “If’s” every day and I invite you to share your own as well. In fact, if you post your own list on your own blog, let me know and I’ll link to it on each post, forever more. Here’s a rundown on the week’s “If’s” so you can start thinking (and by thinking, I mean obsessing and rewriting like I did all weekend).

I’ve kept the number to five with one wild card (because 10 is a bit tiresome and excessive and five means you’ve really got to think) and tried to make them interesting. This isn’t going to be a “Your Five Favorite Movies” situation. The goal is to really give you something to think about this week. You know, other than “Why won’t it stop RAINING?” and “Taxes, taxes, taxes, taxes.”

A Week of If’s

Monday 4/13: A Fly on the Wall– 5 Moments You Would Witness in History (1900-2000)

Tuesday 4/14: Well, Hello– 5 Guys/Girls You’d Lay With In the Biblical Sense

Wednesday 4/15: Mi Casa es Mi Casa– 5 Spots for Your Dream House

Thursday 4/16: Oh, This Little Thing?- 5 Looks in Fashion To Die For

Friday 4/17: I Want, I Want– 5 Things You’d Buy With That Winning Lotto Ticket

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