I Subscribe So You Don’t Have To

Apparently, it’s long-post-title-for-a-little-post day. Or, as I prefer to think of it, “fat man in a little coat”*- something I’m not embarrassed to admit I sing to myself on a daily basis.


I always do the same thing while I’m cooking. I reach for the jar of salt on my counter and I hesitate. About forty-worry-related thoughts flash through my head- “Do I really need this?” “Is this too much salt?” “Salt is bad for you” “Sodium is bad for you” “If I don’t add salt, this will not taste good” “But am I eating too much salt?” “Salt releases water, that makes you bloated.” “Do I look bloated?” “Am I going to die young because I cook a lot and flavor everything with salt?” “I wonder if Bones is new tonight” And on and on…

Happily, the May 2009 issue of Bon Appetit rushed to address my concerns (the mags have been extra insightful lately. This is why the industry can’t die. I NEED THEM, PEOPLE). Check it out- the salt that causes so much anxiety, the kind that everyone tells us will raise our blood pressure and kill us in our prime (but we’ll taste oh, so delicious), 77 percent of it comes from processed foods. Jon Hastings writes, “That’s how much we get from processed and prepackaged meals, in which the mineral is used liberally as a flavoring and preservative. It would be darn near impossible for a home cook to cram as much sodium into a dinner made from scratch.” Which basically means that if you chop more than you open bags and cans, you can stop worrying yourself into a frenzy over the stove.

Read the full article here. Or, better yet, subscribe so my favorite magazines don’t die in their prime.

* This post turned out not to be so small but I love that line too much to change it now.

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3 Responses to I Subscribe So You Don’t Have To

  1. kari says:

    What can they tell me about black pepper? Salt I don’t use, but I am a pepper fiend, and I’m afraid it might be killing my brain or something.

  2. Kate says:

    Juds, why didn’t you just ask me about your salt worries? Could’ve have eased them months ago. As long as your blood pressure is fine, I wouldn’t worry. Besides, sodium is like everything else – you need it to live, excessive amounts are bad. 😉

  3. thecreme says:

    Kari, seriously? I wouldn’t be worried about your brain. Your nose lining perhaps. (achooo, achooo – at least that’s what I do with excess pepper)

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