Positive Reinforcement


One of the downsides of trying to stay on the positive side these days is that I reread some of these posts later and have the sudden urge to tell myself to shut the hell up. I sit there and think I’m coming off snotty and way too self-gradulatory. “Look at me, I can make croissants.” “Look at me, I’m SO CHEERFUL even though I have NOTHING.” “Look at me, I’m writing a book blah blah blah.” At the time, I was proud of myself but at the end of last week, I was so so sick of my own voice and sick of myself for feeling the need to boast my accomplishments here, especially when other people are rocking their lives on a far grander scale.

This particular HappinessFlash in April’s issue of “Self” makes me feel a little better at least.


Props Perk– If you worry that celebrating your accomplishments is cocky, you should know that folks who set high yet achievable personal standards and- this is key- rejoice when they reach them are more satisfied in life, writes Tal Ben-Shahar, Ph.D., author of The Pursuit of Perfect (McGraw-Hill). Those brush off their feats derive less pleasure, so pat yourself on the back.

In other news, Tal Ben-Shahar and I are now best friends forever. We plan on taking a trip to Jamaica next week and congratulating ourselves on all the fun we’re having before Taye and Whoopi show up to play chicken against us in the hotel pool (Somebody watched “How Stella Got Her Groove Back” last night, sorry).

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6 Responses to Positive Reinforcement

  1. Kari says:

    YAY! Go Ollie, go!

  2. devon says:

    You are absolutely killing me. Your post made me double over.

    Seriously. I can’t make croissants. I’ve tried to write a book; I can’t write. Let me be clear. These are all things I WISH I could do. And so I am proud of you–and think you are seriously rockin’–because you can do these things.

    I expect that you next will tell me you are climbing some crazy mountain..backwards. Damn you. I expect a full on crazy long post about how you rock and how your calf muscles rival those of Angelina Jolie.

  3. Karen says:

    I like reading about your croissant-making adventures. Who knew it was all in the Pursuit of Perfect? (PS: Can you tell Tal Ben-Shahar while you’re in Jamaica that I like his message, but think perfect is boring? Thanks!)

    Also, Anna Feris is hilarious! And really strange looking on that cover! What did they do to her?

  4. Ollie says:

    Anna does look a little weird. Her hair is so pale it looks like the next bleaching will cause it to fall out altogether. I have concerns. Still, I loved “Just Friends” so much that I did a happy clap with she appeared in my mailbox the other day.

  5. Karen says:

    I think it’s her smile that’s the funniest part (funny in a strange way, not in a “Your names are CLARK and DARLA?” way)…

    She was sooooooo funny in Just Friends, the best. Did you know she’s engaged to Chris Pratt? (Aka, Che from the OC, Bright Abbott from Everland.) Just found that out yesterday. So cute, those two!

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