A New Day

A New Goal


Someday you will be mine. Oh yes, you will be mine.

A New Travel Destination


Tanzania. Or really Ngorobob House: Life From The Hill, courtesy of Maryam‘s morning Tweet. The key to Twitter is following people who are actually interesting (With that in mind, you should probably not follow me. I’m serious.)

A New Fave Video

People are so clever. Now if we can just wrangle a Facebook Police…

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2 Responses to A New Day

  1. kari says:

    I feel the same way about Twitter — I just can’t work that hard to be interesting. Life! Dammit.

  2. Devon says:

    Yes on the house. Yes. Love it. It would be like living in a fairy tale. How great would that be in this world economy?

    I’m on board with Twitter. Much better to follow those creative. And that does not include most celebrities. They should not Twitter. Don’t they get that their transparency isn’t always a good thing when they are upholding a reputation as creative and artistic?

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