Creme of the Week 4/3/09


Best Kate Ensemble: Red Carpet Fashion Awards



Most Joyous Wallpaper: Elli Popp via Decorology



Best incentive to sign up for that Upholstery Class: Design Sponge



Best overall can’t-stop-looking-at-it decor post: Cumbersome

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One Response to Creme of the Week 4/3/09

  1. says:

    Her whole family is preditory. That father of hers complaining HARD about his $150,000/year salary.
    Now we all know where she gets it.
    Should be automated anyways. You let the blacks in New Orleans off. An advanced topic. You should focus on the basics first.
    Barely skilled labor.
    Reincarnated as milking cows, ironically.
    The enemy within.
    You don’t understand how unions hurt people’s relationship with the Gods. But this is advanced.

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