Too much time to contemplate the state of things


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cones_small5So this is about all I’ve seen for the past 5 days. Actually, more accurately, throw a few dozen crumpled snotty tissues around a whining, hacking, red-nosed blogger. Don’t forget the pissed off, under-appreciated cat.  The good news is that for the first time in my life, I have a guest bedroom, which is where my husband kindly suggested I sleep while incubating this miserable cold HE brought back from the U.S. last week.  (Say, what kinda deathly germs are you growing over there? I’ll take the avian flu any day over this nonsense.)

I was talking to my Dad today about the prospect of my coming back to California for a good friend’s wedding this summer. I was walking the fence on it because I had just gone home for the holidays and the flights are so expensive during the summer.  My dad said, “you will never remember that you spent the $1500 on a ticket, but you always remember that you went (or didn’t go) to her wedding.”  Very true.  I suppose that speaks to Ollie’s last post.  We will not really recall how broke we were during this de-cession or what ever we’re calling it.  We will remember what we did with the choices given to us.  Did we go back to school?  Fulfill our dream of writing a children’s book? Did we overcome our spending and pay off our debt?  Or did we freak out and cling to a job that makes us miserable?

Hopefully I can kick this thing and be back in full force next week, chickens.

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2 Responses to Too much time to contemplate the state of things

  1. bethenais says:

    I hope you are feeling better now, that hubby and cat are back to normal -!!

  2. thecreme says:

    Thank you bethenais! I actually can breath through both nostrils this morning! It’s lovely.

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