Oh, Canada

I seriously love this Andrew King character.


If I had money, these would be on the walls.


If I lived in Canada, well, I would probably be a much happier person. And healthier. They have universal health care, you know.

Oh my God. It's Cones' cat Gunner.

Oh my God. It's Cones' cat Gunner.

For now, I have to settle for wallpaper. The kind of wallpaper that lives on my computer. Sigh. img_1182

By the way, I’ve been in such a good mood this morning and then I read my horoscope which told me to beware my “irrational optimism.” Which is basically a way of the universe saying, “There is no good reason for you to be happy today, idiot.” (clearly in a Napoleon Dynamite voice, gosh) What I want to know is- who says happiness needs to be rational?


Andrew King’s work can be found here. My thanks to NOTCOT for the heads up.

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