Recession Job Countdown #4- Tattoo Artisan

Because times like these call for beauty, yeah, but also a little edge.


Let’s face it- no other job entangles the art and the body with such lasting impact.jbhosiommd46xxrj9mpt1nvy_500

Who says your work can’t live? And walk and breath and bear witness to life’s joys and heartaches, all on its own?barbie-tattoo

Barbie gets it. You can practice on her.


At the very least, how else will you get your hands on David Beckham? Without that restraining order.

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2 Responses to Recession Job Countdown #4- Tattoo Artisan

  1. nicole says:

    I linked to you today on my blog because I love this top tattoo.

  2. patricia says:

    heheheh!!!!!!barbie its me

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