Recession Job Countdown #5: Haberdasher

cones_small4One of the best things about this economic, ahem…situation, is that we are completely free to remake our career-selves.  Back after the dot-com crash, everyone clung to “safety” jobs.  Pensions, 401Ks, medical insurance, direct deposit, remember those perks??  

Well now that those jobs went “poof!” we are free to do as our heart desires, which leads me to the Recession Job Countdown of 2009.  

Number 5: Haberdasher. And not just because half the nimrods you tell will think you are training for the YMCA’s track team.  Because bringing back the hat-as-fashion-statement is pure defiance of that dull cloud settling over everyone’s mood these days.  And because I just found a TON of hot glue sticks in my studio.  Where do I even begin. Sequins you better run.

Koelle, The Cocketteszf011zf014

Photos from Inspiration Resource

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