The Best “O.M.G.” Picture Ever Taken

This made me laugh so hard.

picture-2“Now Jerome, for this shot- let’s try a little ACTING. I know it’s a bit of a stretch but this is GIVENCHY, home of HEPBURN and Liv Tyler! Work with me here.  Imagine you’re sitting in your living room, it’s a party! Everyone and I mean EVERYONE is there. Suddenly, in walks your ex. The GALL of him coming to your party, YOUR PARTY. He’s wearing your Prada shoes, the ones you gave him for Chrismas. What are you feeling, Jerome? GIVE ME THAT EMOTION, JEROME.”

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2 Responses to The Best “O.M.G.” Picture Ever Taken

  1. thecreme says:

    ehh mii got. That is a GIVENCHY ad? So absurd. I’m dying at your commentary.

  2. {tig} says:

    Honestly, wasn’t certain what was funnier — the shot, or your fantastic commentary! Hilarious.

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