When I started this post, it was 75 degrees and sunny

…and now I am swimming in a torrential downpour.  Oh well by the time the postman delivers them, I’m sure my tootsies will be dry again.  

Ahem…. and now, the sandals of the season:


Christian Louboutin in NYTimes Magazine  – These are not actually to wear.  These are for my art collection.



Polly Wreford – For those causal nights lounging about in the Opium Den.



Cynthia Vincent @ Piperlime – I have a thing for yellow footwear.



Net-a-Porter – A little hard to pull-off, but I can’t get over the fabric cuff, love it!



Christian Louboutin @ Neiman Marcus – Lovely, perfect for a summer wedding.


shoes_iaec1150767-1Sam Edelman @ Shoes.com  – Again with the cuff.  Definitely not cankle-friendly. Hot with a rocker tuxedo jacket.



Dollhouse @ Piperlime Practical and totally hot with a long, sari-style dress and wicked tan. (Hey wasn’t Dollhouse the brand that gave those free shoes to Kara Saun in the finale of Project Runway, Season 1? Much cuter than the fur boots)

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2 Responses to When I started this post, it was 75 degrees and sunny

  1. pinar says:

    the second picture is for the hammam.. the bath of the ottoman / turkish culture…
    there are morther of pearl inlaid hammam “nalın”….
    nowadays they are antique accessories of course.. =)
    but simpler wooden ones are still in use.. to prevent the foot from the dirty water shed on the floor..

    have a loook..

  2. thecreme says:

    Pinar, I apologize I got the ethnicity wrong. I’d still wear them in my opium den though, ; ).

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