I could totally get naked in one of these…

236652This room just smells like seafoam soap, I can tell.

508001I’d feel a little like I was serving spaghetti in one of these sinks.  Love the splashboard, though.

freestanding-bathI like a free-standing tub with a radiator.  We don’t have radiators in Los Angeles, where I grew up.  They always seem so ‘New England’ to me. I also really like the art/signage.

glambath266481I bet you could flash the Hollywood sign out this floor to ceiling window, what do you think?

gasl_herrera_11Bathroom-closet hybrid, brilliant.  Shoot, I’d throw a cocktail party in here.

[All images from Living, Etc., except the last one is from Domino]

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3 Responses to I could totally get naked in one of these…

  1. The third one is my favorite. I’ve always wanted a clawfoot tub. I’m working on my dressing room/closet area right now and am hoping it turns out something like that last photo. It would totally be a good place for a party.

  2. ollieoof says:

    The claw foot tub is seriously amazing, nothing more so than that little shower head clamped on the back. We had a free standing tub when I lived in Italy, with one of those loose shower hoses, and showering with one hand is IMPOSSIBLE.

    One time I tried to be really clever and wrapped the shower hose around the window handle so I could successfully wash my hair for a change. The shower hose, of course, immediately unraveled and water sprayed everywhere.

  3. Lynne says:

    Yes, I love that mother of pearl splashback too. My bathroom is pretty like the first one, but I’m a bit bored of it already!

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