The City – Interiors: Round #2

cones_small13Fess up kids – I know I’m not the only one to watch the City with the volume off. I mean, okay there’s a decent, predictable story line, but honestly sometimes Olivia just makes me want to PLUCK each and everyone of those fake eyelashes from her….urgh…..moving on….

Bottom line is, this “reality” show gives good set. It is a lovely, glittery, mess of champagne-filled crystal. I mean, duh, everyone’s first post-college apartment comes with lucite seating and a terrace view of the Chrysler Building, right? What yours didn’t??


Whitney, oh Whitney, I love the white satin coffee-bench thingy. The soothing peachy-seafoam swatches. It’s all just so so picture perfect.  Just like you Whit.  Except for that dingy koala bear with the 10 o’clock shadow.  Alright he’s good for contrast.  He can stay.


Oh Whitney, don’t look so sad.  Jay and his sweaty socks will be back on your couch by the end of the episode. Where’d you get that hot pink Mac and matching cotton candy cardigan? Perfectly precious.


I love the couch fabric. It looks so fun under Erin’s (faux?!) fur.  Velvety flock-a-licious.  

If Whitney’s pad is so peachy keen, then Olivia’s must be….


Cold as ice.  White, spotless. Presumably the mirrors on the pillows are for spontaneous eyelash-checks. I must say, those white Hollywood Regency leather chairs are pretty fantastic.  But, take out the chairs, and the room is literally page 4 of the Ikea catalog. And I’m not just being snotty here.  Is there anything you take away from this room? The Missoni throw? The Hermes tray? Why doesn’t she just start a collage of labels on her wall?


Ah yes, the entrance-foyer-thru-my-closet.  I mean, why not.  The best part about me, don’t you know?  All of the stuff I can afford to buy on my dad’s credit.  To be fair, there is a green satin curtain, but wtf?  Aren’t you supposed to keep it closed when company comes?  Apparently not.


This is the most puzzling thing for me – the cow chalkboard?  To remind her of her summers on the farm?  I dunno, something about Olivia’s whole set up just feels incredibly…soundstage to me.


Oh but this was the best.  Literally karate chopping her pillows to get that “Elle Decor 1999” look to them. Check it out she is karate chopping a furry pillow!  Again, something about this place just does not feel quite right for a “social”.  Perhaps its the Urban Outfitters clearance sale lamp. 


Oh, damn.  Fine I give in.  Terrace wins.  I mean seriously I would throw a dinner party every night. Then I would wash the dishes up here.  In my sleeping bag.



Erin, of course, has the coolest pad.  Fun and artful, just like her. There’s life on the wall – you get the impression that this girl is the one to know. And I really dig the robot and skeleton pillows. Why the heck not?!



Everyone needs a green wall.  And a dirt-talkin’ bar table.  I’d move in with her in a second.

Round #2: Erin wins. Most believable and most lived in.  Who wants to live in a glass box??

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One Response to The City – Interiors: Round #2

  1. athena says:

    I know this is an older post, but do you know who makes the dia de los muertos pillow on Erin’s sofa?

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