Peg-legged Perfection

cones_small10This girl has been haunting me. This looks sums up where fashion is going for the next few seasons. The pointy, yet feminine shoulders. The pronounced, heavy shoe.  The pants….oh my lord, the pants…


[via Garance Dore]

I mean, I never thought we could do the skinny jean – but we’ve done it, over-done it, and with the exception of Ms. Moss, I think it’s time we give them back to the emos with appreciation and good riddance.  This pant is just so much more sophisticated.


This pair’s nice – a more “GAP”-i-fied approach. Wearable without looking too trendy. [Mara Hoffman via Shopbop]


Carine Roitfeld via Jak & Jil


here we are again, pointy shoulders, pronounced shoe, baggy peg-legged pant.  I can feel this trend sticking around a while. [Mayle via La Garconne]

Ollie’s Note: Unless you have hips. In which case, let the comparisons with Aladdin’s Genie begin!

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