Are Back In Town

hgxzejjack38pgdov5o7eusbo1_500I’m feeling a little boy-crazy today. Indulge me, won’t you?

2169zdavidwebTurns out he’s hilarious once you get a few Sidecars in him.

ihxbjl2ljj4htcdj4d96vz2fo1_500Staying at the lake across the way. I suddenly feel like getting some sun.

vdjuqsyejjvnp4jzjh3eyapvo1_500“Come on!”

fjdndcfkijy6u1c1d78hqmano1_500When you were sixteen, you’d do just about anything for the one on the right. Hell, you still would.

fjdndcfkijpnxngnon9nllmmo1_500Keep your eye on this one… Trust me.

136767_lookbook-81Shyly lets you walk into the elevator first. When he says he’s only 20, you want to die a little. Were you this poised at 20? Are you this poised now?


**Cones note (as long as we’re taking liberties): Ah to be young and free.  I feel a tad like the old man in the book by Nabakov gazing at all these young Lolitos.


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3 Responses to Are Back In Town

  1. thecreme says:

    Oh I love that Kari.

  2. Karen says:

    A very nice post-lunch pick-me-up! 🙂

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