Stripes to Spots: the Adventures of a 21st Century Woman

“It’s not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives.  It is the one that is the most adaptable to CHANGE.”

-Charles Darwin

cones_small7I stumbled across this Darwin quote over at Vivre, of all places. It really stopped me in my tracks, because I thought the phrase was “survival of the fittest”. I always assumed that meant the strongest, most agile, most able to defeat an enemy.  But no, Darwin tells us.  Change is the key. Embracing change.

There’s a lot of change to go around these days.  Some welcomed.  Some not so much.  Some people are packing their boxes and closing up shop. Designers are going out of business, magazines are folding.  But I have to say, and I hope this doesn’t sound callous to those who have been affected, but this change excites me. Think of the possibilities! Perhaps that job was holding you back from a dream. What better time to pursue that dream than 40 extra hours a week of time on your hands? Thankfully, women are very adaptable. We were hardwired for this kind of economy! The landscape is changing – stripes are out, spots are in. 

Personally, it’s always been my dream to start my own business. Years of working in a non-creative field absolutely sapped the color from my face. I liked my coworkers, I liked my bosses, and I was doing good work.  But one more “TPS cover sheet” moment and I was going to lose it.


Making the (scary) choice to take the risk and go it alone brought pink back to my cheeks. The idea that I was going to do something creative every day just gets my motor running. No more sad office trousers that I don’t want to spend my money on anyway. No more grey cubicles.

But then, it’s hard to change from a being a tweed-clad, roboto-tron, cubicle monkey to being self-employed, working in the solitude and comfort of my own home.


Okay, it’s totally not, who am I kidding.  IT’S FLIPPIN’ FANTASTIC.

In fact, I think that the most inspiring feature in a home is a the home office. Checking my (work) email in my jammies with a homemade cup of joe is just about the best part of my day.

Although I have to say, my home office hasn’t quite reached these heights yet…


Lovely.  But I think it’s important to separate the office and the bedroom if at all possible.  Jammies, yes.  Nap times, no. [via The Paris Apartment]



This is fun and well lit.  I particularly like the intense portrait and guest chair. A bit too orange for my taste though, I’m getting sweaty just looking at it. But hey maybe that’s your thing. [via Domino]



This is pretty professional looking.  Can you imagine having a client for a meeting at this home office? [via House Beautiful]



This has to be for a calligrapher…maybe she makes exquisite wedding invitations! What a fun job! [via House Beautiful]



The best thing about this one is the loooong desk.  I love to stand over my desk and spread out all my samples. Plus there’s totally room to park my unicycle, which always used to fight for space with my oversized printer. PC load this. [via Living, Etc.]



This one looks uncluttered yet accessible. Quite honestly, a little too organized for my taste.  I like creative confusion. [via Living, Etc.]



Inspiration dripping from the rafters. Much closer to my taste. Same problem I always have – remembering to keep actual work space on the desk. [via Domino]



So elegant, but probably not sufficient for a creative-type job (not enough space). But if all you needed was a laptop, this one would be perfect. [via Living, Etc.]



Just breathtaking.  That novel would literally fall out of my brain amidst this literary loveliness. [via Living, Etc.]



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One Response to Stripes to Spots: the Adventures of a 21st Century Woman

  1. Luphia says:

    these home working spaces are so gorgeous! a great selection of styles too!

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