My “Before” is Better Than Yours

cones_small6Let’s face it – as much as we “decor” bloggers post “swoon-y” photos of creative nooks, elegantly table-scaped desks, and the oh-so-perfect slab of 6-inch think white marble, how many of us really live like that?  What, you couldn’t swing for the $30K kitchen upgrade? The his & hers boudoirs? Povrecita.

Don’t worry, neither could this self-employed blogger. I pretty much rely on a can of glossy white paint and the trickery of strategically placed lighting to create the allusion that I live that well. But I suppose that’s the point.  If I lived in one of those gorgeous homes, why would I need design blogs?  Oh, right.  To brag about my FREAKING AWESOME HOME. With panache, of course.

Moving on. So, I think we can all safely admit to one or two or four of these “before” nooks. You know the type.  Formica countertops, ugly ceiling fan….every piece of furniture your husband brought into your marriage….before_01

But how many of us, even those with the dough, can claim to have put together one of these gorgeously remodeled babies? (Some of you still have dough, right? Right? Bueller??)


Point is, it takes more than just a catalogue and an underused Amex.  It takes a real eye – the ability to see the potential in a given space.


Enter Stephen Saint-Onge.  He’s the man responsible for these glorious makeovers.



So I was very excited when Better Homes & Gardens emailed me (personally, btw…who’s the big blogger on the block now?) to tell me that they are hosting a contest whereby Mr. Saint-Onge will redo the room of the most hideous “before” photo I can upload to their site! Wow, how lucky am I?


I mean, this glossy luxuriousness could be all mine!  Just because I have in the past displayed really awful decorating taste. Just because my husband is colorblind and insists on going furniture shopping without my permission!  This is going to be great…


Oh yeah, you can enter too.  But man, you have NOT seen the likes of my garage. Or my storage closet that doubles as the guest bathroom.  I’ve totally got this one in the bag.  

Enter Here and Bon Chance!!

[photos from Stephen Saint-Onge’s website]

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2 Responses to My “Before” is Better Than Yours

  1. Devon says:

    Oh it is on. I don’t know if I am more excited at the possibility of winning with my scary-ass basement or simply checking out all the photos.

  2. thecreme says:

    Whatevs Devon. I’m sure you’re basement is crap, but notice how I didn’t even post any more my personal home photos? They’re THAT BAD. Like lose-all-my-street-cred-as-a-design-blogger bad.

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