Chutzpah with a Capital “K”

cones_small5Back in 2000, I was Ricky Martin’s escort at the Grammy Awards which basically entailed making sure his cute little buns were in the right place at the right time. This was back when PDiddy and JLo were all the rage (the year of the green dress, as a matter of fact, which was quite shocking at a 5 foot range). It was a year of Latin spice (Santana swept the awards).  The escorts were told to wear black, because we would be on the red carpet in front of all the cameras, and we needed to fade into the background amongst the galaxy of stars.

So what did yours truly wear?  Shocking white slacks, 6-inch black heels, and a white, backless shirt (like a square foot of material) that I had covered with hand-embroidered sequins to resemble zebra skin. Topped off with a massive white puffy jacket. Let’s just put it this way: it was not hard for my parents to identify me on the TV screen standing amidst all the red carpet royalty. I was ghetto fabulous. And I knew that the outfit had a shelf life of oh, about one evening. But I mean, come on, it was the Grammys. Tacky gets you on the list. I got a lot of compliments on my outlandish costume, one of the Backstreet Boys even told me he liked my shirt right before he asked me to get him coffee. Jamie Foxx sent his assistant over to my side of the green room to ask me out. Unfortunately for Mr. Foxx, I learned in junior high not to date men who hit on me by proxy.

Looking back I think….wow.  Nervy.  GOD, did I look ridiculous. I knew I would. I would die if I could dig up a photo of that event. I had no aspirations of being “discovered” in any sense – I just thought, when am I ever going to be in a place were I could rock an outfit this absurd? And it was worth it.

This is why I love Kelly Wearstler.  She doesn’t get up in the morning to be a wallflower. I mean, of course, she does some great interiors, but her personal style is why I keep an eye out for her.  There are several out there in the blogosphere who absolutely trash her.  Let’s put this in context, people.  She’s a friggin’ designer – do you want her in JCrew?  No. Personally, I think she rocks.  Why let the contestants on Top Design get all the airtime?  She was the only reason I ever watched that show. From this gorgeous Oscar de la Renta style dress to the depths of crimped-hair mania, she’s always in character, just like her rooms.






She never seems age inappropriate (unlike other reality show stylists, ahem).  She knows what works.


I would say, yes, more absurd than my Grammy outfit.  But she’s the only one you’re looking at in this scene.  Am I right? What else is fashion for?


I’m really just sitting here waiting for hats to come back fo real.  Everyone used to wear hats. It’s like the world just stopped wearing shoes or something.


[Apartment Therapy]

Love the shoes.  Like finding an old vintage table top accessory for your den.


I wonder what came first, this Missoni skirt or this wall Kelly designed.


[via NYPost]

This is so darned uptight and elegant that it is downright funky.  Love the striped ascot. (Is that an ascot?)  And Grandma’s brooches. And the hat.  Always the hat.


[via Design*Sponge]

Of course, it doesn’t hurt to have a body that works with anything.  Like good architecture, it’s hard to screw it up.


[via Rotten Tomatoes]

This tie is fab, I wish I could find a close-up.


Chicken or the egg?  I’m pretty sure KW was rocking the crazy baglady look before Carrie wore it in the SATC movie.  Although, I kinda like Carrie’s pajama pants spin on the ensemble.



Like her rooms, exaggerated proportions always make the eye do a double take.


[via Domino]

And then with a braid of her hair, she’s 25 years old again, simple and sweet.



Seriously, why let your livingroom have all the fun!  Take that style into the out of doors.



All I can say about this one is, hey Kelly, if you’ve got it flaunt it.

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2 Responses to Chutzpah with a Capital “K”

  1. Devon says:

    First, Kelly W. rocks. I totally agree that she has an amazing sense of style. I love that she is always in character.

    Second, your first paragraph was unbelievably hilarious.

  2. Petunia Face says:

    Is it so wrong that I want to hear more about Ricky Martin and the green dress heard ’round the world? And btw, if I am EVER given the chance to go to the Grammy’s, I wouldn’t wear anything with a shelf-life of more than one night. I’d say you did it right.

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