My Cold Dead Heart

Behold the best Valentine’s Day/performance email I have ever received ever in my lifetime. If you’re in Los Angeles over Valentine’s Day, clearly you need to go. Seeing the songs listed out just so made me chuckle, tough to do after a long day at the DMV.


Miss Melissa and I, aka The Captain & Chenille, are back at the Mandrake to spin our favorite breakup + makeup songs and weave webs of love + hate for all those folks without a VDay date.

Don’t let the name/gothic font of the flyer fool you; this will not be a Trent Reznor “I Want to f u like an Animal” rage-a-thon. Rest assured, we roll a little less aggro / a lot more twee. Rather, we’ll be cueing up loads of lovelorn classics with witty and/or bitter titles like:

–“No One Will Ever Love You”

–“How Can I Love You (If You Won’t Lie Down)”

–“Do You Love Me Now?”

–“Love Is a Losing Game”

–“Love Comes in Spurts”

–“We’ll Make a Lover of You”

–“I Love You All the Time”

–“Love Will Tear Us Apart”

–“Computer Camp Love”

–“Lover I Don’t Have to Love”

–“I Love You Cause I Have To”

–“Every Day I Love You Less and Less”

…and of course our own anthem “Love Will Keep Us Together.” Just to name a few. So come all ye single / ye disgruntled / ye rebounding and rejoice in the fact that you’re not shelling out $100-some for a forced-romance, prix-fixed meal. FREE parking. NO cover. FUN times. TIMES times.

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